source - Naterade

Let's not get melodramatic here. But creating something like hurts. It personally hurts the developers of the tool that help hundred of thousands of aspiring and established developers. But more importantly it hurts the community at large.

Every time a flash of "I hate CocoaPods" happens on the internet another person has probably been discouraged at getting involved in the larger community. You're welcome to not like the tool, you're also welcome to your opinion. Hating on something as mundane _and necessary_ as a dependency manager for a language though, is not constructive.

We're stuck right now using Apple's tools which are not production worthy and may not be for a few months. Or maybe we have to wait a year. Who knows? I'm experiencing crashes multiple times a day trying to write a Swift app. These tools are not open, and whilst the developer community has been filling gaps we're stuck with what we have from Apple side. We're on the other side, we have to work together and help each other out.

Want to see a great example of being understanding?