On the responsibilities of the technical savvy

Today I was moved by Drip, Drop, Groundswell from Cole Peters, on his you should read it.

In Britain we have a problem with Data Retention, and perhaps more sadly with Democracy. Last week our government rushed through some pretty disgusting legislation in order to avoid a law-suit. Go read the papers about it if you want to know all the information, no need for my paraphrasing.

I’ve slowly become politicised since the Snowdown leaks. I remember saw the data that the governments were slurping up on mobiles I put my head in my hands and cried. I am still responsible for making it easier to create new iOS apps, for doing everything I can to lower that barrier to entry. I don’t have the answer for whether my work makes the world a worse place for this.

Seriously, read Drip, Drop, Groundswell.