the big city

I’ve never lived in a city as large as New York before I got there, I wonder how many bigger cites there are in the world. Turns out there’s 32. I’ve lived in Rio de Janeiro, Hull and Huddersfield, substantially smaller places. And they all have a different place in my heart. If I had to say I had a hometown it would be Huddersfield, and all my friends from Hull are now long-gone. Rio feels like a girlfriend I never got to say goodbye to properly but wave at on the steet when I see her.

but I’m still not sure what I feel about New York.

What I do know is that I loved the culture of the city, the little surprises around every corner, the beautiful pizza shops and the amazing bars. It was amazing to be given Art Gallery tours by Julia Colavita, Maia Peck and Ibiayi Briggs who would answer every stupid art question I had. It was and still is a great experience working with and being dragged around by Benjamin Jackonson. Hopefully I’ll get to go back out in a few months time and do some more rocking out in my onesie. Till then I’m going to figure out what I think.