So I spent both Christmas and New Years Eve of 2011 in New York. Normally I end up doing something with my band Kierononon over that time but this time just me and the new buddies I’m finding over here. So I kept Christmas quiet, I got invited to family do with the doc but plans changed, and I had an awesome time playing starcraft, eating yoghurt and then went out to a an irish bar on the east side.

For New Years Eve everyone who didn’t live in NYC said you should do the Times Square Ball Dropping thing, but that’s just boring and touristy. So instead I joined in the Midnight Run at Central Park in my onesie. I ended up just meeting someone cool in the subway and hanging out with her all day. I think our time was 36 minutes for the race, Leeny said it was a pretty good time. I’ll take her word for it. I sewed the logo of the run onto my skeleton suit, I’ll do that to the next run too. Oh, and I got a cool hat!