being social


You should have one. If you don’t, think about some of your favourite websites, and check if they have a twitter. By knowing that you will see articles from websites posted there you’ve got some simple motivation for using twitter. Next find some people whose opinions you value, or make things you like, follow them. Now you’ve got news and opinions in your stream. Then find some of your friends, do a facebook post saying you’re on and give your username so people can follow you too. Now you’ve got news, opinions and people to interact with.

To actually use it though you’ll have to post, to do that you have to find your voice. Are you someone who uses twitter to share interesting links to people? I generally just treat it like talking to a bunch of friends, like the moment when a conversation just finished, and everyones drinking, then you post the sentance that you’d say then.

It’s also good for having semi-public conversations, I have a lot of conversations with my family over twitter now as it keeps us focused and other members happilly interject too. Most people won’t notice because they’d have follow both people in order to see that conversation, so you’re not spamming your followers.

Don’t bother replying to messages from big celebrities, but people that you think are cool are messagable and probably appreciate it when you have something to say based on what they’ve said. It’s a good habit to do. I dunno where the line is on too much though.

Retweet things you think are worth sharing. Follow me.


I don’t take LinkedIn so seriously, but hooking it up to twitter means that it kinda feels updated, I update it as often as I do my okcupid profile, which is every few months. I don’t add people I don’t know on LinkedIn, that’s just a bit weird. But if you are interested in having recruiters call you, you should join a few groups.


Getting started with blogging is easy, keeping it up isn’t. I’ve been doing it for about a decade, and I have had some serious lulls of months of no posts. At this point Tumblr pretty much own the blogging market, and with good reason, I used tumblr for about 2 years before writing my own. It’s good, it’s really good for multiple people blogs. You should hook your blog into your twitter so when you post then the message goes out to people who follow you. I use twitterfeed for that, but Tumblr supports it in the dashboard somewhere.

I think having a healthy attitude to blogging is important too, some of the writing you do can take time, and its easy to feel like you’re wasting your time, but that post could be around for a long time. But they’re editable after the fact. So don’t get stressed out, make something. Then iterate.

Google Analytics

I’ve used google analytics on all of my websites / blogs, it lets you see how many people are popping by, what they’re interested in and how they found you. If people keep searching for something and ending up on your site, you should maybe focus a bit on what they are searching for. I end up with quite a few simple developer question searches on my website, so I wrote pages that are the answers for them. The topic was choosen for you.

Instant Messaging

Use sparingly, but keep them on. Use Google Chat / Facebook Chat.