barriers of entry to photography

A friend of mine ( who I did a podcast with ) has been talking about the barriers of entry for Photography. Like Katie, I have no training for photography, I just went out and did it. Then afterwards people called me a photographer. There’s a common thread throughout her blog at the minute about terminology, on whether you class yourself as a creative, as a photographer, whether you’re a pervy photographer. And it’s all mixed in with her beautiful shots which give contrast to her stark admissions that she’s doing this all as she goes along.

Essentially people have to be given labels because explaining everything would take too long. I say I’m an iPad developer now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t spend hours writing websites, or doing photography, or studying art. It just means someone can form an opinion easier.

I’m happy that it’s easier than ever to pick up a great camera, the more people out there doing it just raises the waterlevel.

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