Caring About Culture.

Like unit tests, but for team culture

Working with Felix Krause we created a way to write tests in a way that couldn't exist before.

Danger is a feedback and testing system for looking at the environment of your code reviews.


Less Hassle, More Pods.

Compiling Dependencies

Working with Eloy Durán and Nate West. We built a hosted environment for all of CocoaPods' environment.

We went all out as an IDE for understanding your Podfile. Auto-completion, inline errors, migration advice and an intergration overview.

Artsy Shows

TV, Shows.

Visually Stimulating

Working with Owen Dodd and Katarina Batina we created a beautiful way to experience current exhibitions from galleries and museums around the world on your TV.

Small scope, tight deadline and a great working design/dev relationship.

Open Source By Default

If no one says 'no', keep going.

Radical Openness

With help from Daniel Doubrovkine I transformed the Artsy Mobile team to be Open Source by default.

We started small, and over the course of a year I made a lot of hard calls and eventually came out with all of our apps available for others to learn from.


Find GIFs easily.

The most distracting app to work on.

Over the course of years, me and a bunch of internet random contributors eventually shipped a Mac app for quickly finding GIFs.

Took far too long to make.


On-site Kiosk App

An experiment in Open Source.

I worked with Ash Furrow, Katarina Batina and 1aura Brown. We built an app for browsing works, swiping cards and making auction bids. We did it in Swift, in the Open.

Artsy 1.3 - Fairs

Locating the Fair

Mapping the booths.

I worked with Rob Bohnke, dB., 1aura Brown and Katarina Batina. We made the fair experience mobile. Opening out with The Armory Fair 2014, and moving around the world.


The Cocoa Dependency Manager

Design Dictating.

Consolidate the documentation, helped create the brand. The tentpole project for Open Source in iOS/Mac/watchOS/tvOS world.

Built with Andy Myers, Florian Hanke & the CocoaPods Team.

Artsy for iOS

The art world in your pocket

Browsing Artworks in Style.

Got $100,000 to spend on Artworks? Or just happen to be interested in exploring the art world. This app has you covered.

Featured weekly in the App Store globally, entirely Open Source.

Initially built with Robert Lenne & Leonard Grey.


Documentation, yawn, boring.

Your code, publicly documentated.

My initial dive into large scale OSS projects is CocoaDocs. CocoaDocs would host every CocoaPods' documentation for free, automatically.

PutIO For iOS

Easy stream movies

Put.IO is a hosted torrent service.

Put.IO for iOS was a universal app that aims for the best user experience on the app store. It has iCloud syncing, in-app search and 16 language subtitle support. At last check the app has streamed over 100000 hours of video.

And is totally open source. Shame though, Apple stopped allowing it through the review process. So it's not on the App Store anymore.

Artsy Folio

A beautiful portfolio

Folio brings all the galleries into the yard.

I worked with Robert Lenne, Benjamin Jackson and Leonard Grey. To make a stunning portfolio app for museums and art galleries around the world.

Folio deals with downloading gigabytes of images and metadata. The app exposes no Apple styled views unobtrusively leaving the content itself to make its own statements. Lots of cool animations.


Curate playlists

Create Mixtapes using Spotify.

Mixtapes was created so I could make new playlists for friends that could change as we change. I update my Mixtapes for a certain someone weekly.

Free, open source & needs a paid Spotify account.


Cocoa Architecture

Open Source / Culture



I took over maintainance of Specta and Expecta, the BDD testing frameworks for the Cocoa community.


I provide an odd, but interesting, mentorship role to the RxSwift project.

Coalition For Queens

I help out at a charity bringing new people into the tech sphere in NYC.

Swift at Artsy

Resources for 3 learn Swift courses for anyone to run in their own company. 2 years running now.

CocoaPods Quality Metrics

I spent a year talking and figuring out how to provide useful metrics on the quality of a library in the Cocoa ecosystem.

CocoaPods Stats

CocoaPods became the first dependency manager to actually say how many projects are using your library. Others provide raw download numbers which are easily skewed.

VS Code Extensions

Only Common Files and Danger ATM.

Seriously though, credit goes to Microsoft for the amazing editor.

CocoaPods Embedded Search

The CocoaPods website now provides enough information that you don't need to open the homepage of a Pod to make a decision on it's value.

Cocoa Kucha / Komitteee

Global community outreach. Hanging out with cool CocoaPods users around the world and requesting that they talk about their work.

CocoaPods Guides

I consolidated all of the CocoaPods documentation, and reference materials into a single website.

AppCode Settings

A maintained and opinionated collection of settings for AppCode. You should experiment with it.

Life issues

I started keeping track of things I need to do in a github life issues. You should too.


pt is a gem that is a command line interface to pivotal tracker. It's a much faster way to create new issues, and to get an overview of your things to do.


A generic API for different analytics platforms on iOS. A useful library used in 5 apps of mine now.


You can't trick me. It's stacks all the way down. Artsy's iOS app lives by this motto.

Apple deprecated me - whoooo!


Chairs makes hot-swapping iOS simulator app directories easy. Dealing with migrations and large syncs is now not so time consuming.


I wrote a text adventure game framework to help kids learn objective-c. I nowadays I make people presents in the form of simple games with this.


A screensaver for the Mac showing people completing videogames so you don't have to.


The easiest way to set your desktop background to some awesome wallpapers. Powered by the reddit search from GIFs. Check it here.


I used to run a meetup in manchester called NSManchester. Then I moved to NYC.


Wuthering Bytes, Hebden Bridge, England - 14th Sept 2013 Looking after an Open Source community - video

NSSpain - Logrono, Spain - 18th Sept 2013 From Submodules to Private Cocoapods - How to move your infrastructure to private pods for smarter dependency management.

goto; conference - Aarhus, Denmark - 1st Oct 2013 CocoaPods, the Objective-C Dependency Manager We've Been Waiting For. - video

Mobile Central Europe - Warsaw, Poland - 11th Jan 2014 CocoaPods and the road to 1.0 - video slides

Nickelodeon HQ - NYC, USA - 31st Jan 2014 How does CocoaPods work?

Snow*Mobile - Madison, WI, USA - Feb 21st 2014 CocoaPods and the road to 1.0 - slides

Tumblr HQ - NYC, USA - 26th Feb 2014 How to hijack an Open Source Community for Internet Points

mdevcon - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - March 8th 2014 CocoaPods and the road to 1.0

Istanbul Tech Talks, Istanbul, Turkey - 28th April 2014 Mobile and the Art world - video

UIKonf - Berlin, Germany - 16th May 2014 CocoaPods and Documentation - slides video

CocoaPods State of the Union - San Francisco, USA - 2nd June 2014 Host, and gave overview of what has happened in the year.

Altconf - San Francisco, USA - 3rd Jun 2014 Project Eigen Post Mortem - video slides

CocoaHeads StockHolm, Stockholm, Sweden - July 7th 2014 Ways to Start Open Source

Gilt HQ - NYC, USA 20th August iOS at Artsy - slides

Brooklyn iOS - NYC, USA - 21st August 2014 iOS at Artsy - slides

#pragma mark, Milan, Italy. 3rd October 2014 CocoaPods

Yet Another Conference, Moscow Russia, 30th October 2014 Tools, Testing and new New Team Members. The Story of Post 1.0 App - video

Brooklyn Swift Developers - NYC, USA - November 13th, 2014 Swift Under the Deadline - video slides

CocoaHeads NYC - April 9th 2015 How the Artsy Mobile Team works in the Open

New York Times HQ - 14th April 2015 How the Artsy Mobile Team works in the Open

Self Conference - Detroit, NYC - 30th May 2015 Contributing to Open Source Doesn’t Require Changing the World

CocoaPods State of the Union - San Francisco, USA - 8th June 2015 Host, and gave overview of what has happened in the year.

Altconf - San Francisco - 9th June 2015 Being Nice in Open Source - video

MobileOptimized - Minsk, Belarus - 14th July 2015 Being Nice in Open Source - slides




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